Hazard Warning Lights Won’t Shut Off

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Hazard Warning Lights Won’t Shut Off

Post by Touristas »

HELP! I’m on a trip. Pulled off road to check map; engaged Hazard Lts and now they won’t go off (switch has no effect). This is a ’08 GL1800 w/ABS. Only option was to remove the controlling fuse. That also eliminated turn signals, CB, intercom, radio, map, etc. I don’t have a maint manual with me and I’m not much of an electrician. Where do I (or a competent mechanic) start? I can’t be touring like this.

As an aside, I had a similar failure on a ’96 GL1500SE. On that one I had the switch bundle on the left handlebar replaced — problem solved.

On this one (the ’08) the Haz switch is one in a panel of several on the lower left side above one of the vents.

Thanks for any solid ideas you can suggest! Also, I won’t bother respondents with a stack of thank you’s but please know, we will be HUGELY grateful to all that bother.

Las Touristas

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Re: Hazard Warning Lights Won’t Shut Off

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When that happened to me (in the middle of a large, group ride, on the freeway, etc., of course :o ) I ended hp whacking the button with the handle of my pocket knife. That was enough to get it to pop back out & the hazards to turn off.

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Re: Hazard Warning Lights Won’t Shut Off

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That happened on my 08 the first and only time I ever used it, poked it repeatedly with my finger until it finally turned off. The only choice you have is get it to pop out or remove the panel and disconnect it.

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