Something else to consider

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Something else to consider

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Had an interesting issue crop up when we rode the motorcycle awareness ride to kick off motorcycle awareness month here. I've been slowly going through everything on the new to me 92 to make sure it is road worthy and a few other issues. Well the morning of the run we were loading the bike to get there early and catch up with everyone we don't see often. I put everything in the trunk, before we left I had to open it a couple more times, what can I say the wife went with me... Anyway we get to the meet, sign up, grab a bite, and mess around for a bit. We decide to go to the bike to get drinks out of the cooler. I pull the trunk release and it just feels wrong. Hmmmm no open. Scratch the head a bit and try again. Pull and lift on the wing this time, pop the left comes up a bit. Odd it worked earlier. Gave it some thought and started looking for a length of coat hangar to make a hook so I could release the latch bar. None of the open businesses have one, not one of the countless other bikes have anything useable. I fool with the damn thing for close to an hour. Finally I can get a small screwdriver in enough to pull the screws holding the latch bar cover from the outside. I give the trunk lid a bump, smack and hard pull on the wing and it luckily opens. There are 4 screws on the outside of the trunk that hold the plastic cover for the latch bar and latch assembly when removed the assembly fell in the trunk. There also 3 self tapping screws that hold the latch bar assembly to the latch on the inside ant 2 were missing the last was barely holding on. I didn't pay much attention to this area when looking other things over why would I. I'd never lock my keys in the trunk because when I'm messing around back there I leave the key in the lock until I'm done. Always thought about what if and came across the post about making a hook to get in incase it did happen. Never thought the screws would be missing from the inside of the trunk though. Searched the site again and came across a few useful posts dealing with latch issues. With the rain we've been having getting to the bike hasn't been a priority. I did get to it today though. I put 2 cable ties on the latch bar, opposite side of the plastic clip the bar rides in. I'm sure I only needed one but you have to understand my luck. Tested the ties after I put the trunk back together. Works great locked or unlocked. Wont have that ill feeling of not being able to get back in my trunk again ever. It might seem small now but have a latch issue or lock your keys in and it gets real, fast. I also have the hook I made with instructions from the other thread here. It took a bit to figure out where the latch bar is going in through the levers but I can get it that way too. Sorry this got long winded and rambling. Just something to maybe do. 30 minutes of time max to know you can always get in your trunk seems worth it to me.

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Re: Something else to consider

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After reading of this problem from other 1500 owners I also put a cable tie on the latch. Haven't needed it yet.

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