Questions Protocols and Preferences?

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Questions Protocols and Preferences?

Post by StrongEagle »

Well, I've been riding my new (to me) 98 Wing and enjoying the heck out of it. And, it's generated at least a dozen questions. Before posting those questions:
  1. Some of the questions have related old threads in the forums. Should I resurrect the old thread (some as old as 3 years or more) or start a new thread? Should I reference the old thread if I start a new?
  2. Should I post one long post with multiple questions in it or individual posts for each question (my preference)?
  3. All these questions are mostly "how to" related or "what is this" related. Do they all belong in this forum or is there a rule for breaking my questions out into different forums.
Many thanks.


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Re: Questions Protocols and Preferences?

Post by virgilmobile »

For me , I prefer to combine everything in one post.Its gives me a better imaginary view into your bike as a overall project rather than bit by bit.
It's easier to sort things out into a "punch list" of things to do in a priority level.
A single problem or service can be influenced by other things that need attention...
A single wheel brake problem can be fixed by itself...but that should include complete service on the rest of the brake hydraulics..including the clutch system..

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Re: Questions Protocols and Preferences?

Post by DougEFresh1123 »

Here is what I did when I was performing winter maintenance on my new to my 1500 last December.

I Titled the Topic "Doug's winter maintenance" and listed the items I was going to be working on and received numerous suggestions on other items fellow members felt should be included in my maintenance. I kept updating the post as I worked on the bike including pictures and asking general questions on how to proceed or clarification.

If I ran into something I was having difficulty doing I created a new post specific to that particular issue.

Hope this helps, but in the end I really think it is up to you on how you want to proceed. We will see your posts and reply accordingly.

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