Brake line wrench size

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Brake line wrench size

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Hello all -

I'm doing the dreaded rear master cylinder removal on a GL1500 (1997). I'm working on the top of the cylinder, still in the bike, and I have the banjo fitting off, but the brake line behind that one - the solid line that looks more like a conventional brake line you'd see on a car/truck. Anyways, I am having a hard time getting a good grip on this, and am contorting my hand to do so. I've decided to go for a line wrench approach before I round it off - and wonder if anyone knows the size on that fitting by chance. I'll snap a picture if it helps.

Thank you much


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Re: Brake line wrench size

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No clue but you could "test fit" a box end wrench to find out.
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Re: Brake line wrench size

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I didn't understand which part you asked, but this link may help. ... r-cylinder
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Re: Brake line wrench size

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I forget the size (10mm?) but tubing wrenches and/or crowfoot flare is your friend here. Give it some penetrating spray then tighten a bit before trying to unscrew, that will often times break the corrosion between nut and line so the line does not twist and bend, a touch of heat might also be advisable.

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