Unavailable Turn Switch

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Unavailable Turn Switch

Post by jakerman »

Does anyone have any ideas on how to replace my Turn Switch (Part number Honda SWITCH, TURN SIGNAL Part # 35200-MW5-013)? The switch no longer returns to the center. There must be a spring of some sort in it that has broken. I have been searching online and have asked my local Honda shop for a new or even used switch but have had no luck finding one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Erdeniz Umman
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Re: Unavailable Turn Switch

Post by Erdeniz Umman »

I would remove and check inside first before searching for a new/used one.
If the spring is the culprit you can try to find a replacement of that only.
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Re: Unavailable Turn Switch

Post by bluthundr31 »

Erdeniz has the best advice, and the switch is not terribly difficult to disassemble/repair, , , , but use a baggie when trying to remove those little springs cuz if they fly across the garage you'll never find em.

HOWEVER, , ,if you are determined to find a replacement, , , , check eBay (I did not find a '95 turn signal today, , ,but maybe one will show up tomorrow).
ANOTHER IDEA, , , ,google something like "motorcycle dismantlers network" and find a dismantler near you. Many of the dismantlers/wreckers belong to a "network" (database) where folks can enter the year/make/model/part number and email address into the database for free. The dismantlers are alerted about what you are looking for and if they have it, they'll email you with the price.
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Re: Unavailable Turn Switch

Post by Snowmoer »

My 88 did something similar. Take it apart and clean out the grease that is in there. When it get's old, it gets sticky and the switch will not move like it should. Get some Dielectric Grease from your local auto parts store. It is in a small tube. Clean out the old grease, put in new, and you will be good to go. Mine has been smooth as glass for 8 years now after cleaning it up. As stated, there are small springs and a ball bearing in there, so go slow! It is very easy to do.

The other switches that lock in or out use the same grease. If they start sticking, the grease needs to be cleaned out and replaced. Spraying cleaner is only a band aid and will start sticking again in no time. Do the job right the first time and you will not have to mess with it again.

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