1500 rear caliper

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1500 rear caliper

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I am trying to bleed my back brakes on my gl 1500 se, I got a vacuum bleeder and when I put it on the rear bleeder valve and pump it up I could see air bubbles coming out of the valve. I replaced the valve but still have the same problem. I have air pouring out of the system but am wondering does the caliper go bad?

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Re: 1500 rear caliper

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Put some grease around the base of the bleed screw to seal it. The small air bubbles are more than likely not coming from the line.
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Re: 1500 rear caliper

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It might be pulling air from around the bleeder. The mityvac is great for pulling fluid thru a dry system but this is were I dont like it so much. It likes to pull air from around the bleeder screw threads and you end up with a lot of air bubbles. You can put grease around the base of the bleeder and that should block air from the bleeder threads.

Another option that I like to do is an old school brake bleed and you may have already done this before. I take some clear hose for bleeding, an empty plastic bottle to catch the fluid (I drill a hole in the plastic cap to run the clear hose thru) and something to set the bottle on while bleeding. Connect the hose to the bleeder and run the other end into the bottle. Make sure the clear hose goes up higher than the caliper your bleeding and set the bottle on something so its stable. Open the bleeder, only takes a 1/4 turn, then slowly apply the brake. The brake fluid running up and above the caliper ensures no air can get back into the system. I use this method on my bikes and I just replaced the brake lines on my truck and used this method. Works really good for one person brake bleeding. Hope this makes sense. :)

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