new (to me) 2000 gl1500. but had coolant leak?

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new (to me) 2000 gl1500. but had coolant leak?

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Just got my first goldwing. 2000 gl1500. 90,000 miles. Test ride and nothing was wrong. After 3 days riding (approx. 2-300 miles) I started getting a maple syrup smell. With only a quarter size drops under it I topped it off and kept riding. One of my Harley buddies laughed and said that it wasn't only Harley's that leaked. But coming from a Harley that got about a tank of gas per quart of oil, I was excited to ride a bike that was known for their longevity. At first it was just a few drops, then I was leaving a trail of coolant. Got home and started my first disassembly. Whoah, all of that, just to try to find out where the leak was coming from!? Then it was behind the radiators. Couldn't see anything. More research, and took out the fans. Started it up, let it warm up, then I saw the green stream. Looked like a split upper rad hose where it meets the engine. Right behind that pescky white thing in the way. Went I side and ordered a replacement. Then went to try to remove it and noticed it just blew the hose off the engine side. Nothing was wrong that I could see. So I reconnected it and will test it tomorrow with new coolant to flush the system and check for leaks. Since I'm all in to it this far and no idea when timing belts were changed, figured I'd do that and an oil and sparkplug change while I'm at it.
Question 1, has anyone else had a problem of the coolant hose blowing off with no damage to the hose? Could the clamp loosen up over time?
Question 2, anything else that I should do since I'm this far in?
Sorry for the long post, but felt I needed to give some context to the problems. Loved the couple days on it so far, and looking forward to a lot more! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, John.

If you look close you can see the green stream of coolant.
If you look close you can see the green stream of coolant.

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Re: new (to me) 2000 gl1500. but had coolant leak?

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I got my 2000 SE a couple years ago and had to track down a little coolant leak, turned out to be coming from this little plastic coolant manifold behind the right side radiator. The hose clamps just weren't doing their job after nearly 20 years, replaced the three clamps with standard hose clamps and everything's fine. What fun that was in that confined space.

Then when I replaced the timing belts I was pulling and tugging on the coolant hoses that run in front of the covers and they did slip and rotate around on the fittings, I might have been able to pull them all the way off if I pulled hard enough. Those were screw clamps (vs the other small crimped on clamps) so I just tightened them up a bit and all was good.

So yeah either the hoses are shrinking a little with age, or the clamps are loosening a little, or maybe a little of both.

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Re: new (to me) 2000 gl1500. but had coolant leak?

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Yep, when we got our trike, noticed drip after a ride, checking revealed loosened clamp. Tightened all … or checked them.
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Re: new (to me) 2000 gl1500. but had coolant leak?

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I had the same thing when i just bought my '94. The hose clamp at the thermostat housing was loose. All it took (after a long time searching) was retightening the clamp............................

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