Fuse / battery/non-start

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Fuse / battery/non-start

Post by Jegrover1 »

OK - about to go nuts here. Have been mending because a surgery and have yet to get on the road! Have been having real electrical problem. She was sitting on a maintainer for a while and did start for about a day. Then sat some more. Now when I turn the key the panel either stays dark or when it does light up instead of the starter engaging you can hear buzzing for about a 1 second burst and hear the solenoids and the mechanical switches under the seat clicking around. Have checked fuses on both the right hand and left hand, the 3.5 amp fuse coming off of the battery and the 7.5 on the starter relay and the bar fuse on the right side. Don't know if there are other fuses hiding somewhere or how to test the mechanical switches under the seat (The Qe something or others). Like I say, the dashboard lights will light up now and then and then not at all and clicking and buzzing can be heard all over the fuses and switches (under the seat), yet all fuses good. Any more ideas?
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Re: Fuse / battery/non-start

Post by thebruce »

IF your battery is good, like for sure 100%, I would start looking for flaky connections working away from the battery.

If you have a voltmeter and a bucket, looking for voltage drops is quick and easy. Stick a lead on the positive terminal, and work away from that point with the other. Ideally the voltmeter will read 0. In reality the reading will increase slightly as you get further from the battery. A big jump in voltage is a bad connection.

If you have the time I would reccommend cleaning up and tightening all the main power connections that I could find, both positive and ground.

The ignition switch might also be an issue, if it's an intermittent kind of thing.

I don't know a whole lot about goldwings in particular, but that is the general path I take with any motor vehicle with those symptoms.

Good luck.
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Re: Fuse / battery/non-start

Post by MikeB »

What is the battery voltage at the battery POSTS when the bike is at rest?
What is the battery voltage at the battery POSTS when you turn on the ignition, either ACC or ON?
What is the battery voltage between the battery positive terminal and frame ground when the bike is at rest?
What is the battery voltage between the battery positive terminal and frame ground when you turn on the ignition, either ACC or ON?

Doing a voltage test is the first order of business when you have an issue such as yours.
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Re: Fuse / battery/non-start

Post by 4given »

How old or fresh is the battery?
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Re: Fuse / battery/non-start

Post by Mh434 »

There's an infamous, often problematic relay behind the left side cover that can cause all sorts of weird issues (relay #3, I think?). When mine went funky, sometimes the ignition would stay on no matter what I did, some lights would work and others didn't (randomly), the display panel would be on/off/blank/spurious info, etc. I checked mine by tapping the relay firmly with a screwdriver handle, and everything started working again. I've since replaced it, and carry a couple of spares in the saddlebag!

Just a thought, anyway. Apparently, you can try it by swapping out another relay on the panel to see if it all comes back to life. If it IS a relay, WingAdmin has pretty much the world's only supply of replacements....at a price you can't refuse!

Good luck, my friend!

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