Battery / starter / buzziing and clicking

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Battery / starter / buzziing and clicking

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My wife just read to me this: "Remember- When you feel that your really a dunce, just think of Kim Cardashion playing poker with mirror glasses". Kind of like that on this one guys. I failed to consider what might happen to a battery tender that malfunctioned over the winter and boiled off all of the battery fluid. . . ergo "Dunce" is appropriate in this case. . Thanks for all the help, though , , , just more education for the old man!

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Re: Battery / starter / buzziing and clicking

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was this a "Battery Tender" brand unit?

I have several of those things, all working 365 days/year.
if the bike, tractor, RV Trailer, is not in use, the Battery Tenders are plugged in w/o fail.
I use the 750mA models usually, it is just big enough to keep batteries on float.

on the big 1000A RV battery, I have a 2.5 A unit there because it needs to be built back up after using the tongue jack a lot, or if stuff inside the trailer has been used w/o A/C power available.

for myself, never had one go bad.

2009 Piaggio MP3 250cc
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Re: Battery / starter / buzziing and clicking

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I've got three of the 750mA models, one of them simply "quit" over the winter, no little light, no voltage output, no nuthin'.... :|
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Re: Battery / starter / buzziing and clicking

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A few years ago, I was getting ready to go on a weekend trip with a couple of riding buddies. I went out to start my bike and it would only click. What the heck? I had just unplugged the Battery Tender and the green light was shining steady on it. I called one of my buddies and asked him to stop by the auto parts store and bring me a battery. He did and we installed it and went on our weekend trip with no further problems. When we got back, I started checking the battery. I put another battery charger on it overnight and it charged up nicely. I put it back in the bike and it worked perfectly then. I thought for sure my nice AGM battery was ruined but I used it for a couple more years before selling that bike. I found that my Battery Tender, the 1.25 amp model, was bad. When you put it on a battery the red charge light would not come on and the battery did not charge. I have had several Battery Tenders over the years and that is the only one that has failed me.

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