Its gone, my 96 1500 SE

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Its gone, my 96 1500 SE

Post by oldmopars »

I bought my 1996 Goldwing SE last year in the fall. I rode it a while before the season ended and struggled with it a bit. Then spring came and I pulled it out of storage and started to ride again and still I struggled with the bike. It just did not handle like I think it should. It had a fork brace, I put on 416 shocks, new rear tire, checked everything I could think to check or rebuild and it still just did not measure up to my standards.
I rode the bike on my annual trip with my buddy. We rode from Yakima Wa. over Lolo pass to Jackson Hole, up to Yellowstone and then on to Glacier Park.
The whole time I just could not get comfortable on the bike and kept wishing I had my old BMW back. When I got back from the trip, I unpacked the bike and put it on craigslist. I sold it yesterday. Today I bought a 1997 BMW R1100RT, I should have done this in the first place.
I want to explain. My first bike was a 1982 GL1100. I sold it because I wanted F.I. and ABS. I got a BMW K1200LT. It was a different world. Handled like a sport bike, rode like a luxury car. Foolishly I allowed a buddy of mine to talk me into buying a 2015 Honda CB500X. Fun bike and we did a full Rally Raid upgrade to them, he got one too. However I sold my BMW because I could not make a payment on 2 bikes. A few years later I want to get rid of the payment and sold the CB. I then wanted another K1200lt, but there are issues with them and I did not think I could afford it. So, I got a Goldwing.
Everyone compares the 2 bikes and so I thought that I would be happy with it. I was not. I expected it to handle like the BMW did, and it just could not come close.
It was my fault. I went into it with expectations that the bike could not fulfill. No fault of the bike, it just was not made to chase sport bikes through twisty canyons. After some major maintenance it was time to send it to a new home. Yes I lost money on it, and learned a lot about my riding style in the process. I like to ride hard. If the corner is marked at 30, I want to do it at 60. I want to wear the chicken strips off the tires. I want to LEAN into the corners and throttle out hard. While I am younger than most here, at 50 you would think I was too old for this type of riding, but I guess I am a foolish kid at heart. I will never own a pure sport bike, I would kill myself, but the R1100RT is a sport tourer and fills the bill just right.
I still have my GL1200 naked project bike, so I will be around, but not on my 1500.
Thank you for all the input you all have given as I tried to make the bike work for me. The GL1500 is a great bike, but not a great bike for me.
See you all on the road.

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Re: Its gone, my 96 1500 SE

Post by Rodzim »

You live and learn. I want to try as many bikes as my pocket allows me, everybody has different tastes and expectations. I always thought the goldwing was not for me until i had the chance of riding one, apprehensively i must say. A friend of mine got one and he basically pushed me into the seat and down the road i went. I fell in love with the thing and about a month down the road i found my 1994 SE with 29k miles in showroom condition, which i think i stole for $3500.
My point is, had i not went on a ride that day i would have never found out, so ride them all until you find what you love...

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Re: Its gone, my 96 1500 SE

Post by detdrbuzzard »

I have a '93 se and have owned it since 2008 so I guess you could say that i'm pretty comfortable on it and with it. in 2015 I picked up a 2006 honda ST 1300, the wing hasn't gotten out of the garage much since the ST 1300 joined the stable. last fall I picked up a 2011 BMW r1200 gsa, a nice bike and I see the allure to them but for everyday use i'll take the ST 1300. always get a bike that fits you and your riding style and don't worry about what anyone else is riding
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Re: Its gone, my 96 1500 SE

Post by joeincalif »

everyone has their own taste and likes in bikes but a 1200 LT is way top heavy and tall. if you want a great sport/touring bike that is dependavle you should try an ST1300 or an 1800 Gold Wing. But good luck with newest purchase.

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Re: Its gone, my 96 1500 SE

Post by Rambozo »

The 1500 is definitely NOT a sport/tourer. I can't see it being compared to a BMW at all. The 1800 is more in that category, IMNSHO.

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