Good 1500 Repair Shop In Western PA?

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Good 1500 Repair Shop In Western PA?

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I just sold my 1500 to a guy who lives in New Castle, PA which is North of Pittsburgh and just a little East of the Ohio border. He's done his own maintenance on previous bikes, but is new to the Wing. I also do most of my own maintenance but when it comes to more involved electrical and especially carbs, I take it to a shop. As we all know, a lot of Honda dealers won't touch the older bikes, so thankfully here in NE Ohio we have a few independent shops that will work on the older Wings and are quite frankly pretty darn good at it. I'd like to arm the new owner with information on any local shops in his area that will work on his new 1500. Anybody in the Western, PA (Pittsburgh) area have a suggestion or two? Sometimes a trike shop will work on the older stuff.

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