Offset or adjustable levers

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Offset or adjustable levers

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I have been spending a lot of time over the past couple of months working on slow maneuvers in local parking lots, so I spend a lot of that time working the clutch to stay in the friction zone during each exercise. With my existing stock levers there is a lot of travel before the friction zone and I would like to shorten that distance by installing either offset levers (on both clutch and front brake) or adjustable ones, but I cannot find anyone that makes them, short of spending over $100 for a set. Has anyone done this and/or have suggestions where I can get some? Thanks

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Re: Offset or adjustable levers

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I have looked also in the recent past. as far as I know there are no offset levers for the Goldwings.

Look at the levers brass barrel for wear. Also the reservoir level and fluid clarity.
If it is dirty, flush with Dot 4 fluid. Do use a clear container to see any possible dirt.

SUGGESTION: After initially seeing clear fluid, tap on the rubber lines with a screwdriver handle in several places, this is to knock loose anything on the walls. Then do another fluid flush in a clean container.
If there is a small amount of gunk, no need to worry, it is normal. IF there are flakes or chunks, that can create issues. A good cleaning or new lines in your future.

About the only adjustment on the clutch system is a slightly shorter clutch push rod in the slave cylinder.
Lastly, depending on miles and clutch use or 'slipping of' a lot, the clutch pack may need replacing.

Let us know.
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