Reverse problem

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Reverse problem

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Hi There!
Hi there!

I'm new on the forum from Hungary, my english isn"t perfect. I've just bought a "89 SC22 with 97K kms.Maded in
U.S.A., saled in Europe, Austria. She had several electrical troubles, ignition was all the time on, parking lights works not, cruise system not working. And the greatest problem: reverse works not. I'm start the bike, reverse lever to reverse, indicator light on, neutral light off. Push the button and the bike goes just half feet then stops.Indicator light stay on. Is it normal if can't roll the bike with reverse on? When i push the start button in reverse can't hearing click from any relays. Is it good so? I've fixed the ignition problem but reverse works same bad. Started the troubleshooting how in Service Manual writed. Trunk, sidebags off, and surprise:no B.A.S. sensor, just one power control relay inthere, 4 outline diodes and a box with 4 pins, no white 14pin connector. The colour of wires different and theye are in a red 22pin connector with some wires to Engine Control Modul. All the relays, fuses are good, have just tested.
Any ideas? Thanks

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