Am I missing something?

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Am I missing something?

Post by Rambozo »

I have never had an issue cancelling my turn signals, from back when you had to slide the switch back to center, or when the new-fangled push to cancel came out, it was not a problem. I'm also not yet senile and have never had a problem as George Carlin put it, "Driving around the world, to the left". What I do contend with is I drive a lot in city traffic, including right turn only lanes, left turn pockets, and often multiple light cycles to get up to turn. However, my GoldWing is constantly turning off my signals when I need them the most. I've lost count of how many times I'm making a turn and look down to see that my damn turn signal has turned itself off, again! At the same time if I leave it to it's own devices, it very often will leave them on way too long after a turn as well. That isn't much of an issue as I always hit the button anyway, rather than let the system take care of that. Today I was at a busy intersection and it took four presses to keep my signal on until I finished my turn. For what is billed as a convenience device, that is a big inconvenience.
So I am strongly considering giving my self cancelling unit a lobotomy. I have not seen anything about adjustments and the system is "functional" so I believe all the components are working properly. From what I understand if I interrupt the speed signal, that might be all I need to get rid of the unwanted behaviors. I know there is also a steering position input, but I don't think that is what is giving me grief. I can always do more if the problem persists. Or maybe there is a better way? Or does the unit have an issue if it never sees a speed pulse? I'm looking for answers or advice.

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Re: Am I missing something?

Post by Alan_Hepburn »

My 1994 SE won't cancel the turn signal while I am not moving - but once moving again the normal triggers are active. So, as you're pulling up that that stopped traffic at a light it will cancel once the triggers are met; if it's still blinking when you become stationary it will remain blinking until you start creeping forward again, then the triggers come in to play again.
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Re: Am I missing something?

Post by DenverWinger »

Might be cancelling early because the blinker fluid is low? :o :o :lol:
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