bad gas milage

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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bad gas milage

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My 1997 only gets around 12 miles a gal.Already checked tank size foe amount it holds.Saw where the petcock may cause problems.Gas is not getting in oil res.Can the gas get in the vac. line and go through the exhaust.I do not smell any gas smell .But it rev. up and down when idling.Not very much though.Any thoughts about it sucking gas in the vauc hose and just blowing it out? It is 1500 triked in 2003.

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Re: bad gas milage

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12 mpg is horrible, , ,

If it were MY ride, I'd strongly consider,

1.) doing a compression test on ALL cylinders to compare with the "specs".
2.) Check my spark plugs to "read" their condition and focus on any that show black sooty electrodes.

You say that you've read that the fuel petcock could cause the issue, , , but DID YOU CHECK IT, and what did you find/do.

Check the tire pressure, my beast will drop 10% in mpg with under-inflated tires. I get mid-30's mpg consistently with tires inflated just a tick under max 1 up.

There are many other possibilities that contribute to poor mpg, , ,but this is where I would begin.
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