I think I've got a coolant leak

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I think I've got a coolant leak

Post by Alan_Hepburn »

So, the bike (1994 GL1500SE) has been sitting for a few months and we went to start it for the local Veterans Day parade - did the normal pre-ride inspection and everything looked good. Started it up and let it run while we got suited up and backed it out of the garage.Then we noticed steam coming from the front of the engine, up through the open area around the steering head. It disappeared after a couple of minutes, but the temperature gauge would creep towards the hot end when idling for a few minutes, and drop right back to normal while we're moving. It ran fine to get us to the parade, through the parade, and back home again but I know I've got to address this soon.

There was no indication of a leak on the garage floor so it's a tiny leak - so, is there a "how-to" somewhere that describes what I need to do to find a small leak - most likely a clamp that has loosened up with age? I hesitate to take it to a shop because most places close their doors when they see a sidecar coming!

Alan Hepburn - San Jose, Ca
1994 GL1500SE with a California Sidecar

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Re: I think I've got a coolant leak

Post by bluthundr31 »

Sounds like a small leak for sure, , ,remember a while back when you dealt with the water temp sensor?? The sealant/tape on the threads of that sensor would probably be the first place I check for a small drip.

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Re: I think I've got a coolant leak

Post by minimac »

I experienced the same. It was a clamp on a hose, but I had to dig deep to find it.

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