Timing belts

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Donnie jr
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Timing belts

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Just replaced my timing belts on a 92 1500 interstate,bike started right up and now I have a rumbling sound . sounds like it's on the top end of motor. Double checked everything I did,it doesn't make sense. Anybody have any ideas what to check for? Thanks for any help I can get.

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Re: Timing belts

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Hmmm, ,, ,rumbling sound? Could be quite a few things but my first guess would be that the water pump is going bad. The impeller or bearings maybe??

You probably had to drain the radiator and disconnect hoses to do the timing belts. Did all the hoses get connected back in place without any problems, , , did the bike have the rumble sound before you tackled the timing belts?

Some of the real guru's might have a better idea and know exactly what it might be.
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