What do I need to know about 1990 GL1500?

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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What do I need to know about 1990 GL1500?

Post by dougindixie »

I currently ride a GL1200 Standard and have no plan of selling it but a friend is now unable to ride and offered me his GL1500 at a very low price. I do intend to buy it and this would make the 4th Goldwing I've owned. I do not recall him having any issues with it but I haven't been paying attention either. I have always gotten good advise from this Forum and I appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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Re: What do I need to know about 1990 GL1500?

Post by bluthundr31 »

That'll be a great addition to your stable.

Get ALL of the maintenance information you can get from your friend, ,ESPECIALLY when the timing belts were changed last. At 30 yrs old, they should be changed out if still OEM. If your friend was a member of this site then he'll probably have it in good shape because of all the good information around here.

I'm not sure about the 1200's oil, but the 1500's HATE oil with friction modifiers, , so make sure the oil is fresh and a new oil filter would be good. Find out about the battery condition too.

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Re: What do I need to know about 1990 GL1500?

Post by PunWinger »

It all depends how well you know your friend. Personally, I would jump at the offer and buy it! I got my '89 (at 109,000mi) from a total stranger who shared what he had done to it before having to sell it which included a fork rebuild among other things. Unfortunately, I'm finding things that indicate that he didn't tell all. So be it. That said, I've been pleased with her performance and service. Three weeks after I bought it, I went on an 8000 mile trip around the Mid and Southwest US from PA just after changing the oil, filter and front right brake pads (the latter only the day before :P ). I can't wait until I can do it again!

I'm not sure about the motor oil hype, but I kept using what the prior owner used which was AmsOil 10W40 & Wix 51358 filter which I get from my local NAPA shop. However, my experience out west made me wonder if that may be too thin in the July desert winds!

Like bluthundr31 says, "RIDE THE BEAST TIL THE TIRES FALL OFF!!!" By the way, I really recommend the Dunlop Elite 3's! I wish I had had them on for my trip.
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Re: What do I need to know about 1990 GL1500?

Post by Graham B »

I have a 1990 model that I bought in 2006 as a non runner. You don't say how many miles it has covered but it doesn't really matter. As others have said, check the cam belts. They are much easier to change than on a 1200 (I've done both). Also check/ask about the sub air filter. It's a sponge like materiel that gets forgotten even though it costs pence. Mine had broken into a million pieces and got sucked into the carbs which was one of the reasons mine didn't run.

The 1500 was built by engineers who thought about maintenance so most of it is simply a case of having the right tool for the job.

One area I would worry about is after market electrics. If they have been done properly, then enjoy. If not, rip them out and install properly but that applies to any bike.


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