Oops, this one went way too far!

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Oops, this one went way too far!

Post by Swagonmaster »

In the process of changing my cupped front tire l of course checked the rear and found a tire that should never have gone this far. I thought that I was keeping an eye on it but NOT. The rear is rather hidden so check it again if you haven't looked at like last week or so. They can get past you too easily! Btw, it's an E3 with 14k on it.

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Re: Oops, this one went way too far!

Post by joeincalif »

stuff happens. A few years back a riding buddy told me on his way home from a ride he noticed his 05 wing was getting a wobble. I said he probably lost a wheel weight and I would come over and check it out. As I approached his garage and his bike was on the centerstand I noticed a bald spot on the rear tire. He said he checked recently but I guess he didn't spin it and check the entire tire.
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Re: Oops, this one went way too far!

Post by hondapotamus »

I knew that I went too far when my buddy behind me told me I was throwing sparks in the curves.... The tire was well past the wear bars... and into the steel belts :roll: Made it home though I took it easy.
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Re: Oops, this one went way too far!

Post by Viking »

Good reminder. I probably do not check often enough, and I have to admit, I know better. I have had one rear blowout from when I was not checking enough, and that was 27 years ago. I usually watch my tires with an eye to what I am doing within the next three months, and if it doesn't look like the tread is adequate to the expectations, I put a new tire on. I throw away some good tread, but don't normally have to look for a tire in the middle of a trip.
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Re: Oops, this one went way too far!

Post by CrystalPistol »

I can recall some good times spent at GWWRA Rally time over at the tire venders, watching them replace badly balding rear tires on $10-$15,xxx Gold Wings owned by owners who carried co-riders and put new tire time off to save a few $$$ at a rally. It was fun to pick out the owner and strike up casual conversation, got good material for my safety talks as CE. :D

Back about 15 years ago, on way to coffee, following buddy up I-81, night, sparks coming off the road from both rear tires … looked like over towards inside of tires, he had an Impala, I was in my Crown Vic. I told him at coffee shop that his rear tires were shot, he said he just looked at them a few days earlier, said they were fine. I suggested he look at more than just the outside edge, he ran his hand up into fender …. OWE! …. break out first aid kit. :roll:

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Re: Oops, this one went way too far!

Post by minimac »

Even if you regularly check your tires, keep in mind that the last 1/3 wears really, really quickly.
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Re: Oops, this one went way too far!

Post by gford »

minimac wrote: Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:02 am Even if you regularly check your tires, keep in mind that the last 1/3 wears really, really quickly.
How true, checked my front tire and it looked good, however half ways through a 2500 mile road trip the thing was shot. Tires sure seem to wear faster during the last 1/3 wear

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