Battery Just Died!

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Battery Just Died!

Post by aholloway17 »

So, I realize, up front, I am responsible. I took the bike out for a ride the other day. Bike started just fine. Then again after a refueling stop. Rode at hi-way speed for an hour before the next stop. Afterwards, I had to be jumped because it wouldn't start. Drove for another hour, same thing, dead upon restart. Went to Auto Zone and bought a new battery. The old battery was not on a tender, was three years old, sealed, and my charging system works well putting out 13.9 volts as reported by the volt meter. Battery just dies with no indication?



1994 GL1500 Interstate
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Re: Battery Just Died!

Post by 1goldwingnut »

They do just die like that quite often. Dirty terminals also can cause a similar problem.
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Re: Battery Just Died!

Post by bluthundr31 »

Was the old battery a wet cell (maybe Yuasa or similar brand?)?
You said "no tender", but how often did you check the electrolyte levels in each cell?
3 yrs is not great "life" but I don't know your riding habits so it's possible it just got "old" and worn out, , (happens to us all sometimes).

You talk about charging 13.9 volts, , , do you get that from an on-board voltmeter or did you put a DVM at alternator while running. 13.9 volts while riding is a decent output of the alternator, so your battery seems very "suspect" for not holding that charge.

What battery did you replace the old one with? Most folks swear by the AGM batt's
If your new battery is a wet-cell, , , keep a close eye on the water level about every month or so, ,and don't just put tap water in it to level it out, , , too many contaminants/junk in most tap water.
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Re: Battery Just Died!

Post by CrystalPistol »

One day in '96 I met a buddy at a 7-11 for coffee, then we were going to go to Ohio for Vintage Days. Drank our coffee, then suit up, sun starting up, he hit the start button on his FLHTC, ruh ruh pfft … battery was then dead. I asked if it started at home OK, he said yeah with jumper cables but he come on to 7-11 figuring the 20 mile ride would charge it. We pulled the side cover, I used a flashlight, battery was down under 1/2 electrolyte as I recall. He asked if we could save it with water from the fountain drink dispenser. I asked if he meant Dr. Pepper or Coke? Then I pulled it out, took his CC and battery to Walmart, got him a new one …. took it back, put it in and we only lost an hour or two. My 1200 never missed.
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Re: Battery Just Died!

Post by joeincalif »

Several years back Yuasa had a bad batch of batteries. The bike would start and run with no problem, then you turn it off and when you went to start it it was dead. One of the plates in the battery would just crack and it would be dead. When we would travel with a few other couple we would carry a spare battery. One day we stopped at a hotel for the night. My friend came out after registering and got on his wing, pushed the button and nothing happened, it was dead. we pulled the new battery from the trailer and as he was taking the old battery out a Harley rider came up by him, crossed his arms and just stood there watching. So Tommy turned around and said "CAN I HELP YOU?' The Harley rider said NO, I JUST WANT TO WATCH, I NEVER SAW ANYONE WORK ON A GOLDWING BEFORE !!"

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