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Fork Seal Slider

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Replacing the front fork seals on 94 1500 SE. I have heard that I can use a piece of PVC to drive the seals back on? Other than purchasing an actual seal slider. I have heard that a piece of PVC will also do the job. If so what size of PVC would I need? Motion Pro had the seal slider. But I would rather not spend $52 for them....

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Re: Fork Seal Slider

Post by WingNoob »

If you're using a piece of pipe to hit the seal directly it needs to have an internal diameter big enough to fit over the upper tube and an outer diameter small enough to fit inside the lower tube in order to drive the seal all the way in. I don't think that size pipe exists, so you'd have to take a lager size, cut a slice out of it length-wise and then use a gear clamp to squeeze it together until it is the correct diameter.

Alternatively, you could just put the old seal on the upper tube above the new one and use then use a regular piece of 2" PVC/ABS to tap against it. The 2" pipe won't fit down into the lower tube, but it doesn't have to. The old seal will push the new seal down until it seats but the top of the old seal will still be sticking up past the top of the lower tube so you don't have to worry about fitting your pvc hammer pipe down inside the lower tube. You can just pull the old seal out when you're done.

I've done several seal changes this way on other bikes, and I just did the GL1500 last week using this method.
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