Re-attaching side mirror

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Re-attaching side mirror

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I had a tip-over in the garage, and the RH mirror got knocked off when the bike fell against something. The 3 little black screws holding the mirror pivot plate to the mirror body now don't have enough holding power to keep keep it fixed when pivoting the mirror. What have others done to fix this? Get a slightly larger screw to thread in for better holding power? Any suggestions for screw type? It looks like a pretty good design. The screws let loose without cracking or breaking the mirror body to which they were attached. I can see that this could have turned out a lot worse.

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Re: Re-attaching side mirror

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Sounds all too familiar. My daughter backed her car in to the left side of mine and the right mirror took the hit. As I remember, I tried to get a measurement for the length of the screw holes so I could get some maybe a little longer and bigger diameter. I went with stainless steel screws so no rust and drilled the holes in the mount just a little oversized and put it all back together. A later thought was that I should have put some double sided trim tape between the mirror and mount for better stability, maybe some JB weld or the like to adhere the parts. It has been on like this for about a year with no problems.

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Re: Re-attaching side mirror

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Honda designed a breakaway mirror for the PC800 Pacific Coast that worked so well. It had a bracket that connected with four screws, and the bracket could, if forced hard enough, pop off those screws. If that happened, there was a metal cable left connected, so you didn't lose the mirror entirely (or have it smash to the ground). So if you hit the mirror (or tipped over, or whatever) the mirror just popped off. Putting it back on took about 5 minutes with a screwdriver. A really innovative and functional design, I don't know why it never made it to any of their other models.

PC800 mirror
PC800 mirror

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