Oil change

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Oil change

Post by guitarzan »

Quick question,
I changed the oil in my 1500 5 years ago, that's how long I was working on it and l used a synthetic oil. I started it up regularly and now that I have it ready I've been out a couple of times on some short rides. I don't have many miles on the oil but should I change the oil or am I good to go?

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Re: Oil change

Post by blupupher »

So if you started and idled it regularly, you probably have a little moisture buildup in the oil since engine oil does not get up to temp just idleing.
I good long ride could heat the oil up enough to heat the oil up to get the moisture out, but for <$50, wouldn't it be better to know for sure it is fine?
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Re: Oil change

Post by AZgl1800 »

Rotella T6 and Walmart superTech brands are about $22/gallon
throw in a filter and know it is good.

your occasional startups have been good to keep the carbs clean, but, unless you allowed it to idle for an hour, there is a lot of moisture buildup.....

that can be handled by riding like you stole it for an hour, and all is good.....
but, those occasional startups created ACID, change the oil.

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Re: Oil change

Post by Snowmoer »

After 5 years, yep, time to change the oil. I go by the owners manual recommendation. 1 year or 8000 miles. What ever comes first. As AZ said, A gallon of Rotella T6 is cheap insurance. That is what I use.
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Re: Oil change

Post by CrystalPistol »

Reading this, I realized we had the trike out once in 2017, once in 2019, none in 2018 that I recall (medical issue popped up), and I had just changed oil in very late 2016. I have maybe 200 miles on the oil I'm gonna drain tomorrow, but it'll work for the saw. I also have a dozen+ gallon jugs of 15w40 Dello LE oil on hand (was a great sale a few years ago). I have pumped out the old gas and put some fresh gas in with Stabil a time or two. Ran the carbs dry last two times we came home too. Good reminder here.

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