97 1500 99 valk compatible ??

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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97 1500 99 valk compatible ??

Post by aj1500 »

so I am seriously considering making a move from my 97 1500 to a 99 Valk. what I am looking to see is if the main frame and steering is the same between the 2. I know the Valk is just a beefed up stripped down 1500 but what I don't know is if there were any changes in the main skeleton. I need to know because I will be moving my sidecar to the Valk. I have an easy steer on the 1500 that I would want to move and all the contact points would need to be the same for the mount hardware
so what if any are the main frame differences between the 2 bikes

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Re: 97 1500 99 valk compatible ??

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Not real sure without doing a side by side, but off of the top of my head I'd say no two different animals.
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Re: 97 1500 99 valk compatible ??

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The Valkyrie has an inverted front fork with 45 mm tubes versus a traditional fork with 41 mm tubes. Don't think your Easy Steer is going to fit...
Bearings for the triple tree seems to be the same according to the fiches. Don't know about rake angle or trail.
I know the clearing of the mufflers for the rear sub frame is different between the 2 bikes. DMC list 2 different kits, one for each bike...

Looks like a more serious refit, sorry.
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Re: 97 1500 99 valk compatible ??

Post by CrystalPistol »

Valkyrie with a side car might get 25, maybe even 30 mpgs ?

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