Race Tech Emulators

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Race Tech Emulators

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In case you have an interest in a vastly improved ride on your 1988 - 2000 GL1500.

Which kit and why (IMO).
FEGV S4103 Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators along with progressive wound springs.

Lateral wound springs are EXCELLENT for track situations.
Progressive wound springs are excellent for everything else.

Unless you spend your riding time on a track (which would be nuts on any Goldwing) you are better served using a progressive wound spring.

In spite of what has been suggested from the Race Tech Corporation (they indicate using a lateral wound spring.)
This reasoning concerns the weight of a 'Goldwing" and not riding in a racing setting.

The ONLY source (I've found) for this Emulator Kit is from Race Tech (no other vendors).

I have no connection with Race Tech (FWIW ;>) pc 8-)

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