Won’t start

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Won’t start

Post by Tanker1 »

Ok so I haven’t been able to get my gold wing to fire coming out of winter. Here is what I’ve done so far
I did put a fuel stabilizer in before winter
New air filter
New fuel filter
New plugs
New battery
It turns over fast, no problem. But just won’t pop
What other bugs should I be looking for.
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Re: Won’t start

Post by thebruce »

Good morning.

Make sure gas is getting past the vacuum petcock. It seems to be a common culprit.

Also verify spark at 1 or more plugs.

If you put stabilizer in the tank but didn't run the bike the carbs will not have seen stabilized fuel and could be a problem as well.

Even with a brand new battery if it isn't fully charged the coils won't fire. These seem to be power hungry little piggies...
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Re: Won’t start

Post by AZgl1800 »

you didn't specify if you used the Mixture control, but I'm sure you did?

assuming it is in Neutral?

can't remember what years will spin the starter w/o the clutch pulled in, but not fire the plugs?

which brings up the OFF/ON/OFF switch, is that working correctly?
headlights burn before Start Button pushed, and go out when whirling the starter over?

I see two of us posted at near the same time.
have you tested the Battery Voltage while the starter is spinning? less than 11 volts and she won't fire reliably.

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Re: Won’t start

Post by bluthundr31 »

Good Advice folks!

TIP: The #6 plug (closest to the shifter) is the easiest plug to check for spark because you only need to remove the one smallish panel low on the left side.

Let us know how it goes
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Re: Won’t start

Post by WingAdmin »

After you've been cranking it for a bit and it doesn't start, go back and smell the tailpipes. Are you smelling raw fuel?

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