confused on reverse issue

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confused on reverse issue

Post by Whiloh »

Hi all, I have been trying to resolve the reverse problem I have been having with my bike since I got it. reverse light will come on, when you hit the starter button, it will move about an inch, and stop. the reverse will disengage, and you have to move the handle down and back up to engage again.

Things I have tried: Adjust the switch at the reverse handle, adjust the reverse cables, clean the start switch, disconnect and reconnect all connections at the switch, reverse module. I have also replaced the relay.

The last time I tried to use the system, it melted the relay in the relay box. This leads me to believe I have a high current draw due to a poor ground or a short in the reverse module that is setting off the limit switches or something. Since it will engage for a short time, I am sure that the physical components all work, I am hoping to chase the electrical issue and get this working.

I have a need for the reverse gear with where I want to park the bike at home, to get it off the street, but without reverse, I can't park in my driveway safely without a huge hassle to get it back out. and trying to back the bike into the driveway is difficult as well, due to really high curb cuts on the driveway. so fixing this is pretty high on my list.

I have tried a couple of times to chase it down in wiring diagrams, but not sure where to go, where the different connectors are, and the normal simple fixes for the issue have not yielded any results.

any assistance on where to go from here is appreciated.

One of the main concerns I have is that with all of the additional light bars, I have had difficulty in trying to remove the bags/trunk to really get to the reverse module and don't want to throw parts at it until I know for sure what needs replacing. I was quoted over $5000.00 to have the local shop troubleshoot it, and then was told that if repairs are needed, they won't touch it without me removing all of the addons first. I have an upper and lower wrap around light bar on the back, a license plate light brake and reverse light kit, LED brake light kit, LED underlighting kit, and several other addons that make working on the rear a bit of a challenge.

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Re: confused on reverse issue

Post by TwoTone Trike »

I hope you mean $500.00 and not $5000.00. :o :o :o
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Re: confused on reverse issue

Post by dingdong »

Seems to be a fairly common problem. Do a search for gl1500 reverse problems. Here is one thread. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=12004&hilit=reverse+quits
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Re: confused on reverse issue

Post by 89 1500 »

My old 89 did the exact same thing when I got it. I looked like an idiot jacking the reverse lever back and forth until I got where I wanted. I dealt with the issue for a couple of weeks before I jumped into it. To this day I'm not real sure what fixed it but I cleaned the switch with contact cleaner first. Still had the issue but not as bad. The last thing I did was replace the battery with a new AGM and it worked from then on. The wet cell battery didn't have the huevos to run the power hungry wing even when new my lights would dim a little at idle and the starter was always slow turning over. All of that changed with an AGM.
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Re: confused on reverse issue

Post by Faxit »

I'm having issues with my 96 1500 reverse was working now natural light goes out reverse lights up push button I can hear starter motor engage but bike doesn't move. Just got the bike my first goldwing so I dont know much about it yet. I have ordered the manual but dont have it yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Re: confused on reverse issue

Post by bellboy40 »

Faxit, you need to start your own thread for another trouble. However since you have asked it here, that sounds like you need to adjust your reverse cable. Here are the instructions from the service manual on how to do that.

Reverse cable adjustment
Reverse cable adjustment

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