Disregard: Starter not turning over

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Disregard: Starter not turning over

Post by blupupher »

So never mind the post below. Turns out I am an idiot.
After an hour of messing with it all, I went inside because I was mad.
Went back out to look over everything again, and it clicked in my head that I had moved the reverse lever a little to adjust the cruise. Apparently it was not moved enough to set the R light on the dash, but enough to not allow the starter to engage.

So have had my ‘94 GL1500 for almost a month, and twice had a “click”when trying to start, but on the second try it has started.
Well today after fixing my sloppy throttle and while adjusting the cruise control, the bike died (idle went to low) and now it won’t start. Starter button is fine, headlight, radio and such turn off when started button pushed, but just a click from the solenoid.
Battery fully charged (12.5 sitting), so not that. Tried jumping across the solenoid and nothing.
So I am guessing it is the starter?
I don’t want to try to bump start because I am in my garage and don’t want to have to push it up the drive if it does not start.

Also, I know there is a lot of Chinese junk out there, so was looking at e-bay for a used starter, is that a decent option (or do they make rebuild kits for these?).

2002 Goldwing GL1800A
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Re: Disregard: Starter not turning over

Post by WingAdmin »

Don't worry about it. It happens to all of us. :)

Like the time I ended up calling roadside assistance when my bike just up and died while riding down the road. I got my multimeter and tools out and spent a bunch of time testing battery, starter, etc. and it was just not getting power to where it needed to. I gave in and called roadside assistance to get a tow truck headed my way.

I called them back 20 minutes later to cancel the tow truck once I realized I had accidentally hit the kill switch on. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
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