Rebuilding my exhaust

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Rebuilding my exhaust

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Hello everyone,

I hope you're all doing well. Sorry for being silent for so long, but Covid was there and working in a hospital didn't leave me much time for something else.
Anyway things seems better here in Switzerland, so it's time to be back on the bike.

Working with a local welding company for some other project, I had a discussion with the owner about my exhaust. On my 1500, the exhaust is stock, this means that it will turn 31 years soon.

The bike being more and more noisy (which is fine, but when driving on the motorway, it is boring after 20 minutes), I wondered if I could open the exhaust and put some new baffles in it. Technically there is no issue according to this guy who already welded some exhausts, even with chrome around it. I'm more concerned about what I will find in the exhaust, I believe there shoudln't be much left inside.
Buying a new exhaust means about 800$ or a second hand for 300$. But you never know how it looks inside, so I'd better work on mine and see if anything improves.

If nothing gets better I will work on the collector box and open it as well to see if anything can be fixed.

Did anyone here try to open his exhaust?


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