Electric adjustable windshield ???

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Electric adjustable windshield ???

Post by Solo So Long »

Has anyone ever come up with an electronic, adjustable windshield mod for the GL1500?

This is about the only thing that I miss from my BMW R1200RTP. It was sure convenient to move airflow as the conditions required. Stopping to play with the manual mechanism just isn't working for me.

I'm even wondering if it would be possible to doctor a used BMW mechanism to fit the GW.

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Re: Electric adjustable windshield ???

Post by Happytrails »

I thought someone came up with something for a 1500 a long time ago. It was before adjustable windshields were starting to become popular on factory bikes I think. Electric adjustable windshields are awesome. Every time I ride a bike that has it I just think they are great. Not sure about a diy project. Would be interesting to see.
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Re: Electric adjustable windshield ???

Post by blupupher »

Windbender (and maybe Madstad?) shields have an electric adjust option.
I think it is around $750 for the windshield and electronics (+ install).
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