Alternator?? Not again!!!

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Re: Alternator?? Not again!!!

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4given wrote: Tue Feb 23, 2021 7:05 am That is the same alternator that is in my 96 Aspencade. Works flawlessly. Hope I didn’t jinx it with this comment. Delivers 14.1v consistently if my volt meter is accurate. I was looking online and can’t seem to find one listed Denver. Sorry for being late to the conversation.
You should be able to find it on the Walmart website. This is the one I picked up from Denver's recommendation and it's Hitachi. It delivers from a third party supplier.

copied from the Walmart webpage:

-- Mark

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Re: Alternator?? Not again!!!

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Thanks Mark. I’ll look again. All I could find replacements for the Hitachi.
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Re: Alternator?? Not again!!!

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I am going to offer an opinion to anyone that buys a high amp alternator and has it fail that they should take it to an alternator repair shop and find out what went wrong. I would seem useful to know if there was just a component in the alternator that died (which is bad enough) or was the cause of the failure likely from outside, that is caused by the bikes electrical system. When I read about multiple failures I would like very much to try to make sure it didn't happen again!
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