Intermittent vibration

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Re: Intermittent vibration

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Hi Fellow Wingers. Here is an update on my vibration. To restate, it is a very high frequency handlebar buzz. In fact, I can even detect it with slightly blurry rear view mirrors. It is strongest between 30 and 55 mph. I ran the bike up to 60 mph, shifted into neutral and turned the key off to try to narrow down possible causes. It was still there just as strong as ever, so that eliminates the engine as the cause. I ran the bike on the center stand and got it up to 60 mph and had no handlebar buzz. That indicates to me that the problem is likely in the front end. I have a new Elite 4 tire that is balanced, but the buzz continues. I also replaced the front wheel bearings and the buzz is still there. I had some buzz with the old well worn Elite 3s that was singing and showing some cupping, but with this new tire it is worse. I really don't want to give up on this bike but I am at a loss of what to do. Any help will be appreciated.....Tom

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Re: Intermittent vibration

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It was mentioned earlier but head bearings correctly torqued with no dead spot in the center...

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Re: Intermittent vibration

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I know you have a new tire on the front, but to my little pea brain, the vibration you have described and the things you have done to find it, points to a tire issue. It would be nice if you could replace that whole front wheel/tire assembly with one from another Goldwing as a test to see if that fixes it.

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