Rear Brake Squeal

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Rear Brake Squeal

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New rear pads (oem) and after a couple days they start to squeal. Only the rear. I noticed the fronts came with a shim that went between the piston and back of the pad to reduce the noise, but the rear does not show this part in the fiche.

I am using the existing rotors. If I spin the wheel when on the center stand no dragging pads or anything. Does it just need some time for the pads to bed into and mate with the rotor surface? Anyone use teflon shims to reduce the noise? There is anti squeal compound but I doubt that stuff works more than a few hundred miles, especially if you are out in the rain.

This happened on one of my other bikes, I ended up living with it for about 1000 miles then one day it just stopped and never came back.

It stops fine I just feel like a degenerate cruising around with noisy brakes!

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