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Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Wind screen

Post by fcanary »

One of my winter projects I plan on doing to my 1500 is to replace the wind screen. I replaced the one on my old 1200 with an aftermarket slipstream and I was never really happy with the fit, I just tolerated it. My current wind screen I assume is original, 29 years and counting, and is yellowing and scratched. I have looked at several on various sites. One I am interested in has a vent. My current one does not have it. I don’t think the early 1500’s came with a vent but I could be wrong. Is there an advantage to having said vent? It’s only a few dollars more than a non vented one. Also, what screen would be best? I know there is acrylic, and polycarbonate. Shaded and unshaded. Some have coloring along the bottom, although most do not. I just want to make an informed decision. I measured mine to the bottom of the trim and came up with about 27”. I may consider a shorter as I don’t care for looking over the edge, or would a taller one be a better option. Most of my riding is with “The Precious Cargo” and want her comfortable as well, so that’s why I ask about the taller screen. What are some thoughts?

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Re: Wind screen

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My GL1500 came to me with a Markland touring windshield. Tall, wide and upswept. Tough. Changed to a Tulsa tall with a vent. Pretty good. Tried one of the low Euro styles. Didn't really like it.

Yes the vent is probably worth it. Not tons of air but worth having that option.

There was a recent thread on MadStad. You should read that. Just went to one of those on my GL1800. Still formulating my own opinion but all the reviews were strong.
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Re: Wind screen

Post by blupupher »

My bike came with a Tulsa Tall (or clone of it) with a vent, and I hated it.
Sure it blocked the wind, but I cooked in the heat even at speed, and was blind when it rained.
The vent did nothing that I could tell a difference with.

I went with a Madstad and am very happy with it.
I do think I should have bought the 14" instead of the 12", but overall it was a great purchase.
I get some airflow on me now (and can adjust how much by changing the angle and height of the screen), and I am looking over the windscreen now, not through it. My daughter (she is 5' 6') says she notices no major wind noise or buffeting.
I went with the Madstad after reading all the praise it received from others.

Here are a few threads to read about it:

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