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Aftermarket mufflers GL1500

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 11:11 am
by agedbikeman
Update to my previouse topic on this subject.
I bought something called Black Widow Stainless Steel mufflers from the UK, but I bet you have something similar in the US, they're just a stainless steel tube7mm fatter than the GL1500 mufflers with the end caps riveted on, the collector end has extension pipes that fit the collector box and the other end is tilted slightly downwards.
Another tube full of small holes connects the end caps straight through and the space between the inner and outer tubes is stuffed with some sort of noise absorbing material.
In the back end is inserted a removable "DB killer", but it's too small and not effective enough and has a deep bass drone, so I bought a longer DB killer with less holes on Ebay from China for less than $20 the pair, so it now sounds similar to the oem mufflers, the whole system cost lees than 300 bucks.
The good part is the extension pipes between the mufflers and collector, dead easy to completely remove if you have to get the rear wheel out, will never rust as it's stainless, looks like a win win situation. All we need now is someone to come up with a stainless collector box and these Wings will go on forever.