Going Trunkless

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Going Trunkless

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Well, I'd like to anyway but keep the bike two up! Has any one here made this modification? Are the kits like there are for the 1800's? Or, are there instructions on how to do this?



1994 GL1500 Interstate
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Re: Going Trunkless

Post by Andy Cote »

I personally see no advantage. If it's really only the weight, just leave it. The trunk empty, made of ABS can't weigh more than the steel rack. I'd rather deal with any issues the trunk might have and keep the extra lights towards the cager that's about to run into you at a stop sign. That b1&#$ that hit me was staring at six 1157 brake light bulbs and still couldn't figure out I was stopped.

But back to your question. I'm sure it's been done though I don't recall seeing one. I have seen photos of a Euro trunk that was about five inches high but don't recall ever seeing a kit to do a trunk removal. Probably something you will need to create yourself.

The tops of the panniers and the rear fender all blend into the trunk but without a trunk would look unfinished. You would probably want to make something to take the place of the trunk to make this look right. There have been some guys that have taken the panniers and rear fender from trike conversions and assembled them into a trailer or a rear mount cargo carrier. You could look at some of those pictures to see how they blended those pieces.

The stock seat has a passenger lumbar pad attached. You could go with a custom seat or factor that in to the new cover that would go in place of the trunk.

Back in the day you could buy a kit to replace the brake/tail lights in the panniers with a combination brake/tail and directional lights. You would need this or something similar if you remove the trunk. The kits were offered with amber lens or clear lens and amber bulbs to match the OE configuration.

There are quite a few wires that are up inside the trunk underneath in the back by the helmet holders. You will also need to disconnect the radio antenna and rear speakers (if so equipped). Then there are the cables for the pannier lids.

BTW, Honda sells a trunk removal kit for the 2018-2020 Goldwing Tour. They did not offer such a kit for the 2001-2017 GL1800.

Also, quite a few Valkyrie Interstates have been adapted to make the trunk detachable. It's usually nick-named as a Super Valk. Fairly easy on that bike and you may want to do a search on that.

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