Clutch cover

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Clutch cover

Post by jdavidsmit »

I have a 1990 Gl 1500 , 68000 miles. Nothing fancy just a standard 1500.

Been having issues with the clutch not disconnected when the clutch leaver was pulled in. And the brake fluid was disappeared , never could find where it’s going. So I decided to rebuild both master and slave . I started with the slave and ended up having to remove the clutch cover to replace the seal.
It looks to me like something was used to hold the gasket in place. I have it all cleaned up and ready to reassemble but was wondering what is used to hold that gasket in place?

Thanks for the help in advance



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Re: Clutch cover

Post by bellboy40 »

First off, I have never done this before. The Honda service manual makes no mention of putting anything on there to hold the new gasket. Maybe someone with some experience with removing the clutch cover will come along with an answer.

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Re: Clutch cover

Post by 4given »

I’m not sure about the cover gasket but I do know that if the brake fluid didn’t end up on the ground beneath the bike then it probably leaked into the crank case and that’s not a good thing. I would change the motor oil as soon as possible because brake fluid will break down the oil’s lubricating qualities
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Re: Clutch cover

Post by MikeB »

I assume you are asking if the clutch cover gasket had a glue or sealing substance on it to make it stick to the cover is that right?

If so, It may have had something holding it in place but it may have been just a self adhesive that was part of the gasket material. Keeping a gasket in place during assembly is easier if a sealant or adhesive is used but I don't think it is required to use a sealant in order to help the gasket to seal the cavity.

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