Leaking Antifreeze, Help!

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Leaking Antifreeze, Help!

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I am trying to track down a leaky radiator hose, I think. When the bike starts and is warming up steam starts to rise from top right side of the motor. Also, after a ride, I will walk out to the bike the next morning to find a small puddle of antifreeze. It is difficult to say where but I can see where it dripped from the center of the lower cowling. I pulled off the lower right side of the fairing to find steam emanating from some where behind the fan but can't locate where? Feeling around the top of the motor and hoses in the neighborhood revealed nothing. Lastly, there seems to be an overflow hose on the right side behind the lower fairing and I could see evidence of moisture but not sure about any of it so far. Thoughts on how i can tease out the location? I should point out, once the engine has come up to temperature, the steam goes away and does not return until the it is cold again. Thoughts?



1994 GL1500 Interstate
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Re: Leaking Antifreeze, Help!

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I have been experiencing almost the same problem.
There are some pics of my problems in a thread called"Antifreeze leak".
I believe my problem is the thermostat cover and or gasket both of which Im replacing,,, if they evet get here, waiting on parts.
The thermostat area can't be seen till right side fan is removed. The steam-vapour on mine is coming from a pool of antifreeze that forms on the right hand cylinder bank which can be seen by peering in just ahead of the oil checking location.
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