GL1500 lighting

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GL1500 lighting

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Hi All,
I am interested in converting all lighting on my 1993 GL1500 trike to led's. Reason better lighting for my self in the evening and for others to see me. From what I have read there seems to be more to it other than replacing a bulb, due to the minimum power leds use. Is there an all inclusive led conversion kit available? I am fairly handy and more than capable of doing the work myself, plus being retired have the time also. If there is no all inclusive package available would someone have a list available of all item's needed to complete such a project. I looking to do all lights, headlights, signals, brakes, running lights etc. Thank all of you in advance for your assistance.

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Re: GL1500 lighting

Post by Rambozo »

If you look through this list of How To's for the 1500 you will find a few on LED conversions of the different systems.
Most are a straight forward bulb swap or using LED tape instead. The only ones where there are issues are some of the dash indicator lights and the turn signals with self cancelling. Those both require that the original load be present. Either keep the incandescent bulb or add a load resistor along with the LED. Other options are detailed in that list as well.
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Re: GL1500 lighting

Post by Fiberthree »

The instrument lights are the easiest to swap out. As are some of the front end lights. If you are doing the rear running light/brake lights there are bulbs that will fit also. If you go the LED strip lights it will require soldering and/or rewiring in some cases. This is shown in the DIY videos. There is also a PWM that should be used to dim the running light circuit to make it distinguishable from the brake lights. Admin made his own and I also made mine from his schematic but adapted it with another PWM kit as most of them modulate the negative side of the circuit instead of the positive side. The video below is before I incorporated the upper and lower rows of LEDs into the brake light circuit.


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