Air Hawk. Passenger-seat cushion for the 1500 -

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Air Hawk. Passenger-seat cushion for the 1500 -

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I've traveled across the country several times on a 1500 with no discomfort at all on lengthy rides, some 6 hours each day or more. In May, I'm about to travel another 1800 mile trip on a '97 Aspencade, and this time with a passenger.

My passenger: She's moderate size and weight, whatever that means for you "sensitive" types or for those who scratch your head when seeing the word "moderate."

Anyway, the subject of an Air Hawk seat cushion for the passenger seat has been discussed. I see several sizes of the Airhawk advertised on Amazon and other sites that are for numerous type of bikes. So... Has anyone selected an Airhawk seat cushion for the GoldWing "1500" passenger seat, and is my best bet possibly the larger size of Airhawk cushion which measures 14x14 in size? I don't want to get an Airhawk that may be too small, when considering the GoldWing Aspencade passenger seat itself is of considerable size when compared to other tourers.

Any help appreciated ! Thanks !

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Re: Air Hawk. Passenger-seat cushion for the 1500 -

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"Moderate" means that you won't be arguing politics the whole way.

I used an Airhawk for years, but my saddle on the Wing is comfortable enough that I haven't felt the need. I suggest that you make a couple of day trips to see if she would like extra cushioning. Remember to make appropriate use of some corn starch or baby powder.

If she wants more cushion, Airhawk is a great choice. An Airhawk which is larger than the top of the seat will simply bend over the sides. This kind of increases the area of the seat.
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Re: Air Hawk. Passenger-seat cushion for the 1500 -

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I think the only real advantage to using the Air Hawk is that the seat covering itself won't get uncomfortable which it can do if it's hot out. It takes so little air for the AIR Hawk cushion to be comfortable, it almost is a waste. Too much air and the ride becomes 'squishy', and you don't feel comfortable in the seat. A seat covering(something other than vinyl or leather) would work just as well. Actually, a sheepskin is probably the absolute best, but not so much if it gets wet. That being said, I currently use a small Air Hawk for myself, for the reason I stated.
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