1990 gl1500 carb

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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1990 gl1500 carb

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read a post a while back about a fix for poor idle on this bike. the "fix" involved round toothpicks! wouldnt you know i didn't print it and now I really want to !

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Re: 1990 gl1500 carb

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This may not be the same thread you read about, but it is addressing the same issue and the fix with toothpicks. There is a picture down about post 17 or 18 that shows which port is being plugged with a toothpick.
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Re: 1990 gl1500 carb

Post by DucManCan »

Newby question, I am rebuilding carbs off a 1989 GL1500. Done a decent amount of carbs over the years.

This one has a seat the main jet holder sits in that I am guessing pushes it lower into the carb bowl for fuel?

When re-assembling should the holder be seated tight to the carb body and the main jet holder protrude deeper into the bowl?

Sorry if this is a duplicate post and Thanks in advance for any guidance...
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