Some oil filter/oil observations

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Some oil filter/oil observations

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I’ve been using either Wix, HiFlo, or the Big Bike Parts filters from Cyclemax (which are hard to pass up at $5) and haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, but I’ve been researching a bit and was looking at some different filters that people use on Goldwings. I’ve read that a lot of people use the Supertech filter and it is tempting at $2.97, but I’m not sure I wanna go THAT cheap! LOL As expected, the Supertech and some of the other cheaper filters have a plastic center column and it seems that steel would be a better choice. Surprisingly all 3 varieties of Fram filter (which are pretty routinely maligned) have a steel center column. Another surprise was that the Mobil 1 high-end filter has REALLY small inlet holes when compared with the Supertech or Fram filters. It made me second guess using one of the Mobil 1 filters. Walmart didn’t stock the appropriate AC Delco or Wix filter so I couldn’t physically inspect those but I have used Wix in the past, and they seem to have a very good reputation as do the Napa Gold, which it seems may be manufactured by Wix? The higher end filters - Wix, Napa, Mobil 1, etc. all seem to be around $10. Also wondering about the Baldwin
Filter...seems to be very highly regarded and also around $10...?
I’ve always used conventional oil in all my bikes, but I’m switching to Mobil 1 for my custom V-Twin chopper and after reading a thread by Wingadmin I decided to switch my 1500 to the Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-40 he recommended. When I first bought my 1500 4 years ago I was using the Valvoline 4-stroke 10W-40 motorcycle oil - same oil I used for the chopper but in 20W-50. I felt like I might be getting slight slippage even though the Valvoline claims to be for wet clutches so I switched to the Delo 400LE and I’ve been happy with that the last couple years but the price has come down considerably on Synthetics since they were first introduced and I think the science is pretty sound that a synthetic will outperform a conventional in most ways. Be careful when buying the Mobil 1 because a lot of the different varieties and weights have “energy conserving” in the bottom circle which is of course bad for Wings. $22.37 for a 5 quart jug seems like a pretty good price to me. I did look at some of the other brands “High Mileage” offerings including Supertech, and they nearly all have something in the bottom circle. ALL of the Supertech oils have something in the bottom circle. I’m not sure I’m noticing any huge difference in shifting with the Mobil 1, but I always thought this bike shifted pretty smoothly anyway. It may be slightly smoother?

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Re: Some oil filter/oil observations

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Brand of oil and filter are not the biggest issues, it is using the correct weight and type of oil and changing it frequently (the definition of that is determined by many factors, including weather, riding style, average trip distance, personal opinion, and for me, shift quality).

I currently using a Fram ToughGuard filter and some Peak 15w-40 syn blend oil.
Why, because I got the filter for $3, and the oil for $1.75/gallon (have 3 gallons left).

I recently bought some Napa Platinum filters for $5 each, and when the Peak oil is done, plan on switching to Mobil 1 10w-40 high mileage because it is readily available and cheap after rebates (Mobil usually has at least one rebate period a year for $10 off a jug of oil, usually a limit of 2 jugs).
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