Aux audio in????

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Aux audio in????

Post by stovall »

Has anyone tried using USA Spec USA SPEC BT45-AUX Universal Application - Bluetooth Phone, Music Input kit with the aux input hack for a gl1500 radio to be able to use Bluetooth for music, voice calls, & voice command? I'm thinking it would theoretically work, you would just need a dummy cassette tape since the radio hack requires one for the hack to work. I was just wondering if anyone else has been down this rabbit hole. Here's the link to the device on Amazon if anyone else is interested: ... LTGB&psc=1

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Re: Aux audio in????

Post by shomann »

I haven't, but depending what functions you really need an FM transmitter works great. There are many different options. The beauty of this is there's no installation labor, just plug it in to your phone and tune your radio to the appropriate frequency. Music, nav directions... Cheap, and no work involved. ... c9d87b9ae6
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Re: Aux audio in????

Post by DarthJ »

I went with a wired modulator, and for me at least, works great. I get music from the phone and Waze directions through the speakers and I set the phone to send calls through my Bluetooth headset (which probably needs to be replaced as it's pretty old now)
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Re: Aux audio in????

Post by Snowmoer »

That should work with the cassette adapter. The better thing to look for instead of the cassette adapter is a modulator that plugs into the antenna wire. The bikes antenna plugs into the modulator and then a lead from the modulator plugs into the bike radio. This way, you set the station on your radio that the modulator calls for and other radio stations do not over power the modulator. That is what happens with the modulators that send the signal over the FM radio freq. In the country, not a problem. In cities with a lot of radio stations, you will be searching for a new channel every 15 minutes.

That, or you send your radio out and have an Aux port installed.

You will still need the adapter you are showing so you have Bluetooth.
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Re: Aux audio in????

Post by thebruce » ... dou&sr=8-3

I've used several Bluetooth fm transmitters in almost all my rides since they became a thing. I just bought 2 of these, one for my wing and one for my brother's road glide. The buttons are big, you can turn off the pride month light (they're just showing all the colors the ring can be) and installation takes 10 seconds. You can start/stop music, skip songs, answer a call and pull over to talk without having to take off gloves, etc.

Cheap thrills.

I can tell you that the radio has more than enough wires going to it...

The abundance of radio stations in a city makes it a little tougher to find an empty channel, and sometimes you'll be overpowered by somebody's Sirius radio bumping some garbage you can't stand, but 99% of the time it works 100% of the time.

I live out in the sticks where there are 2 active radio stations and 1 channel that is oddly silent all the time that I seem to recall spouting religious nonsense years ago.

If the radio channels are oversaturated in your area, a modulator like snowmoer suggested would be the hot ticket.

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