Gl1500 hissing carbs

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Gl1500 hissing carbs

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So I just got done changing a gas line changing spark plugs air filter and oil and im not sure what i did wrong but the bike just doesn't sound right now. I noticed it is idling alot lower and when i try to give it some choke it dies sometimes and when it doesn't die it hisses as i turn up the choke. When choke is completly of it still hisses and when i give it gas it hisses more. I took it fit a quick spin and it is down in power alot. I had to take off the air filter housing to get to the gas line but i believe i put ut akl back hiw to was. Here is a link ti the videos of tge sounds it is making

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Re: Gl1500 hissing carbs

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Sounds a lot like a disconnected or broken vacuum hose, I have had several that caused noise and poor running and were on the manifold by the sparkplugs, one that was so bad that I swore that the engine had jumped time and I had ruined it. There are vac hoses galore by the carbs/air cleaner so check there also. General rule is if a problem shows up right after some work has been done check around that area first.
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