Is there an easy way to convert the search lights to fog lights?

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Is there an easy way to convert the search lights to fog lights?

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Pretty much what the title said, I know some bikes had fog lights rather than the cornering lights, and I almost think Id rather have them on then the old cadillac style cornering deals.

Then again, if yall could suggest some auxiliary lights thatll work to put some lumens on the road, Id possibly be down for that too. I used to use ADVMonster until I found out they just rebadged cheap china lights and quadrupled the cost.

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Re: Is there an easy way to convert the search lights to fog lights?

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There are a few other posts on this topic. The original Honda lights, as you describe, were steady, cornering lights which came on when that side turn signal was activated. Those used a dual filament incandescent bulb but only one filament was used. In later years, Honda switched to a lower wattage Halogen bulb and was able to keep them on full time as driving lights. Many bikes have had either the Hondaline or other brand lights installed and may have either style.

The cornering lights use a relay to turn them on, obviously using the turn signal to trigger the relay. The simple answer would be to remove the relay and just jumper the power to the lights to keep them on full time. DON'T DO THIS! There would be too much current draw and too much heat and you WILL damage your bike if running the incandescent bulbs full time.

But, if you swap over to the Halogen or, better yet, LED, the overheating problem should be resolved. Check the LED amperage rating to confirm. Example: ... /83/270155

Alternatively, there are complete LED kits available for install if not equipped with any lights now.

As far as other lights, there are too many to list here. There is an accessory light bar that can be used or you can use the engine tip-over bars and even many varieties of homemade brackets. ... /83/192874
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Re: Is there an easy way to convert the search lights to fog lights?

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Thought I appreciate cyclemax having these bulbs and I have purchased parts from them in the past, iam not cheap, But I refuse to spend $25 for a bulb that they purchase from China for 90 cents canadian, 65 cents american, and I get they have spent the time to source these parts, but some of the prices are crazy, my 2 cents ,1.6 cents american.
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