Removal of Radio in 1995 GL1500SE

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Removal of Radio in 1995 GL1500SE

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I would like to remove the radio from my GL1500 in order to make sure all of the connectors are clean before changing the front speakers. Can anyone provide directions?

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Re: Removal of Radio in 1995 GL1500SE

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Here is a link with pictures on what parts need to be removed to get to the radio. Click on the "How To Articles". There is all kinds of info there with pictures on just about everything for working on a wing.


There should be nothing to clean. The wires are in the main plugs and go directly to the speakers.

While you have the radio out, it is a good time to check the air filter if you do not know when it was changed last.
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Re: Removal of Radio in 1995 GL1500SE

Post by the_big_h »

The tutorial on how to remove the radio is excellent - thanks again, WingAdmin.
I have 2 comments on it:

- I found it was not necessary to remove the 2 pockets. If you just loosen the pocket mounting screws without fully removing them, the pocket will get out of the way enough to allow the radio plastic to slip out from under. It will take a bit of extra care when re-installing. I installed power outlets inside each of the pockets, by not removing the pockets I save a bit of wear-and-tear on the electric connections. After saying that, for your first time removing the radio, you may wish to remove the pockets entirely anyways (per the tutorial), just so you can more easily see how it comes apart/goes back together.

- the 6-pin tan-colored connector is (to put it kindly) an NUISANCE. Before you start to remove the connectors, have a small screwdriver close to hand. The locking tab is on the top of the connector, there is no way you can depress it with your fingers, you need a slender tool to fit up there to push it. Having an appropriate tool close to hand will save some cuss words, and avoid scratching the paint.
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