Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Hi everyone!! - Needing help with my 1989 k wing USA import the bike was built at the Ohio plant here is the vin plate number - 11HFSC220XKA109660 - Built 4/89.

I removed the carbs from the bike in the standard manner, having removed them from the bike I broke them down following and using this most excellent YouTube video -

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and taking pictures as I went too. All was going well until I removed the float bowls and discovered that the carbs on my wing don't look nothing like any ones, I have seen on other 1500 wings over the years.

I checked the Keihn carb serial number which is - GQA D DB 17. (See pic below)

I have another set of carbs for spares and repairs the Keihn carb serial number on those is - GWA A DE 16 (See pic below)
If you take a look at the next picture below of the carbs that came of my bike you will see right away the difference between my carbs on the right of the picture - GQA D DB 17 and those on the left spare repair ones - GWA A DE 16.
The carbs on the left have the secondary carb retainer cap on mine it does not further more if you look very closely too and compare the two you will also see that my carbs were made that way too.
I Have contacted several Keihn carburetors Ebay part sellers and they all say the same they have never come across them either.

Here is the message I received this morning from smithplace2004 on Ebay regarding these carbs.

I have never seen one like that. I can send you whatever size you need. I have all size jets but I do not carry the #50S only the regular #50
here is a list of the codes for those bikes.
GL1500 carburetor ID stamped on the carburetor bodies. Carb IDs: 88-91: VD GEA-B, GFA-B, GOA-A/B/C, GRA-A/B/C, GWA-A, GYA-A, GYB-A, GWC-A, GYC-A; 92-94: VD GWE-A, GYD-A, GWF-A, GYE-A; 95-98: VD GWE-B/C/D, GYD-B/C, GWF-B, GYE-B, GWE-B/C, GYE-B

As you can see here there is not a GQA D DB 17 in the list -Yet all the connections are the same or in other words it was on the bike when I took it off and working fine too. The only reason I took the carbs out was I was renewing the whole coil pack which sits behind them and I had added Motad silencers and needed to upgrade the jets in the carbs too.

What I am asking here is has anyone else come across these carbs?? and set up before?? If so, what problems did you encounter when re-jetting them. Also are these carbs just for a particular model or variant Goldwing 1500 ?? .

Because when I look at them and the other set in my eyes, they shouldn't even work but they do!!! ??? .

All help with this most welcome!! and a massive thankyou also in advance too!! .

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