fans not coming on

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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fans not coming on

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97 wing fans not coming on when bike is hot

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Re: fans not coming on

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With the key on check for power on the blue wire at one of the cooling fans, if no juice then check fuse #4 and the 30 anp fuse hiding next to the relay in front of the battery. If everything checks so far make sure the thermostatic fan switch in the bottom of the left radiator is working, it is what provides a ground for the fans to turn them on. Also stop to think if the coolant is really hot enough to warrant turning the fans on, the temp will rise some normally before the fans come on to keep the temp from getting too high.
S.W.A.G* method: jumper the wires at the thermostatic switch, if the fans come on you know that everything upstream of that is ok and you can concentrate on the thermostatic fan switch operation or possibly the ground for that switch.
(*scientific wild ass guess)
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