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88-89 Low Speed "stumble" Rejet with 1990 up jets, or??

Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2021 9:20 am
by tbird71
I have a 1989 that suffers with the usual low speed 1500 RPM stumble that was common to the 88s and 89s
I have to clean carbs anyway as the whole low speed thing is gummed up (runs fine from 2000 up to redline)

QUESTION: Did Honda make a replacement jet kit for these 2 early years to alleviate that problem,
or should I tell my mechanic to put in 1990 up low speed jets? If I'm taking the carbs apart anyway might as well fix this VERY annoying factory fault. Any part#s, kits etc would ne helpful. Thanks in advance

Re: 88-89 Low Speed "stumble" Rejet with 1990 up jets, or??

Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2021 10:05 am
by Snowmoer
They did not make a jet kit. All he needs to do is replace the low speed #50 jets to #55's

The recall kit came with these and a new ECM. When I got my 88 that did not have the recall done back in the day, all I did was change the jets and the stumble was about 98% gone. Do not worry about the ECM. I did not change the timing at all like some people do. I also made sure the carbs are balanced.

While he has the carbs out, have him replace the vacuum hose that is in the shape of a Z under the carbs. That one goes bad over time due to the heat. Better to just replace it now and not have to remove the carbs again in a year or two when it does go bad.

Re: 88-89 Low Speed "stumble" Rejet with 1990 up jets, or??

Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2021 10:47 am
by tbird71
Thanks, sounds like a plan. Other than that stumble the old 1500 is a good one
Appreciate it.

Any part# on those jets and the Z hose?

Re: 88-89 Low Speed "stumble" Re-jet with 1990 up jets, or??

Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2021 5:09 pm
by wingdings
Hi - saw your post their - Your bike did not leave the factory in that condition; I suspect that one of the seven induction systems that you have on your wing has gone down I highly recommend that you watch this YouTube video by Shane martin

It's a training video - Used to train Honda mechanics who were frighted to death of the Goldwing 1500 it explains each of the seven induction systems you have on your wing there and it should help you understand them better and also to how to solve the problems that you are suffering from its a lot to take in there you may need to watch it a few times before it all becomes clear how each system works however it's well worth the effort when you have that Eureka moment!! there too.

I myself are in the process of overhauling each of the seven systems my 89k wing 49state Ohio built model is in tear down state at the moment as I work my way through each of the seven systems in turn there testing replacing as I go there.

Here is the video - Enjoy and learn how your wing works there.

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As for re-jetting #55 slow jet and #160 main jet worked great for me be aware also that changing your stock OME exhausts
for other makes can make your wing run either rich or lean there the rule of thumb here is usually two sizes bigger than the original jets see Ebay for Jet kits ..

Re: 88-89 Low Speed "stumble" Rejet with 1990 up jets, or??

Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2021 9:59 am
by Snowmoer
Here is the site to get the #55 Jet. ... 8-1991.htm

I can not find the part number for the vacuum hose. I sold the bike last year and all my notes went with it.