Smell complaints on 5th Gathering ride

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Smell complaints on 5th Gathering ride

Post by Corkster52 »

Had a fantastic time on all of the rides at the GWD 5th Gathering, but on one of the rides, at a rest stop, several guys mentioned a strong smell coming from my bike (so much so that one of them quickly passed me). One said it smelled like rich fuel and another said it smelled like something else. Still others said they had ridden behind me for quite a while and smelled nothing.

I hadn't noticed any loss of power and my gas mileage varies considerably, depending on which side of 3000 RPMs I am on.

The only recent work I have done on the bike is rebuilding the right front brake caliper and pads as well as the replacement of the front brake master cylinder. Admittedly :oops: with all of the trial and error stuff I went through, as I was troubleshooting the front brake failure (that dumped me on the grass when it locked up), I felt like I had literally been bathing in brake fluid for days and, in the process, kept cleaning up fluid that had dripped onto the paint, into catch bucket, and on the ground. I even used compressed air to blow out some of the cracks and crevasses.

I've read through hundreds of posts here, in the forums, on smells and am hoping that I can get some feedback that my thoughts of running some Sea Foam through the old girl will resolve the issue.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have.

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Re: Smell complaints on 5th Gathering ride

Post by ct1500 »

Are you one of the ones who has followed ill-gotten advice of jambing toothpicks into the carburetor? That will defeat the AJC system and provide too rich mixtures. Otherwise you need a good performance analysis to determine where the fault lies.
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